Provo, Utah openSUSE 11.1 Release Party

It’s that time again, and for those of you that keep an eye on my blog you’ve seen the countdown tag, openSUSE is releasing December 18th and decriptor has graciously put together a place for us to party and do some installing! Thanks to Novell’s Open Source Technology Center for offering us a place to meet.

For more information please visit the launch party site, and make sure to RSVP with decriptor!

Hope to see all of you out there, it should be a lot of fun!

OpenSUSE 11.0 Release party was awesome!!!

For me the release party started when I went to help get some supplies with Emily. We made our way over to novell and found our way to Novell’s building A which is the Open Source Technology Center, which in itself is a pretty awesome place in my opinion. I love the fact that Novell even has that building.

The party kicked off with some awesome door prizes which included the usual swag. Hats, Shirts, posters, and even a laptop back for anyone who wanted one. Nice touch!

Once everyone was settled eating their pizza we began introducing ourselves. Those that contributed to SUSE in one way or another told a little bit about what they did. It was very interesting!

Shortly after there was a drawing for 10 free Sony Readers. I was one of the lucky ones able to walk home with one.

Thank you Novell for letting us have an awesome party on your campus. Thank you Decriptor and Memilyrae for all the hard work you put in organizing everything. And definitely Thank You to SUSE for being so awesome. I’ve been a loyal customer ever since the late 90’s when I realized it was better than RedHat!