Long Time…No Post

Update from the trixtur front:

School started up again so I’m back to work ing on Saturdays. My older brother and his wife are moving to Autrailia…sounds awesome. My wife has been feeling kind of sick today so kr0w has graciously accepted to watch Caleb.

On the technical side of things I’m planning my Senior Design Project. I tend to keep most of it under wraps until I’ve completed it but I am using this chip and eval board to design it. I’m pretty stoked to be working with one of the new Cortex Chips. The one I’m using has a clock speed of a screeming 50 MHz.

As for school, I’m finishing up this semester with a Microelectronics course which has me quite scared, an Advanced Digital Disign with the HDL Verilog. This is a language designed for creating complex digital circuits. Obviously as stated earlier I’m working on my Senior Design Project, and I’ve also thrown a Software Engineering class in there due to the fact that I needed the credits and that was the only 2000 level course that will still count toward my degree. I know I’m being lazy…

The next four moths are going to be killer due to School, Work, and adjusting to the whole being married stuff. I love it though and would never trade it for the world! Wish me luck…

Provo, Utah openSUSE 11.1 Release Party

It’s that time again, and for those of you that keep an eye on my blog you’ve seen the countdown tag, openSUSE is releasing December 18th and decriptor has graciously put together a place for us to party and do some installing! Thanks to Novell’s Open Source Technology Center for offering us a place to meet.

For more information please visit the launch party site, and make sure to RSVP with decriptor!

Hope to see all of you out there, it should be a lot of fun!

The rumors are true

During this past weekend I made the great decision to ask Sara to marry me. She accepted! So for those of you who have heard rumors of me being engaged they are true. Sara and I have been talking and getting to know each other for a few months now and although we know that neither of us are perfect, we believe that we are perfect for each other. We are SO happy!


Here are some pictures a know some of you would like to see. I’m sorry the quality isn’t great. It’s hard to take a picture of an engagement ring.

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Hello faithful readers! I must begin by apologizing that I have not posted in quite a long while and give an explanation. First of all I have started a technical blog that will be seperate from this blog so that those interested in technical things can just read that, and those interested in my life won’t be bothered by tedious technical posts. That blog can be found here.

The next reason for my absence from my blog has been my beautiful, smart, and talented girlfriend Sara. She is amazing and challenges me in many new ways. I love being around her and spend a lot of time concentrating on her. Some other less important aspects of my life are bound to suffer slightly.

This is a picture of Sara and me on our first date.
This is a picture of Sara and me on our first date.

The Emperor’s new Lungs

Well…Monday after work Aaron and I ran up to Heber to grab Jake and we all went down to the University Hospital in Salt Lake. Dad had received a call earlier in the morning saying that they had a possible match for his lungs and he needed to be ready for Surgery. Poor Dad didn’t have an opportunity to eat all day.

In the morning he eat a banana and ran off to go to his exercise, right afterward came the big call. He spent all day waiting, and they didn’t want him to eat before he got surgery but they also didn’t know when the surgery would be…so he just didn’t get to eat all day.

All the Boy’s and Kasie our fearless leader met up at the hospital and talked with Dad for a few hours before he went in. Then was the long wait to find out the outcome. We tried to have fun but most of us were nervous. Jake and I had a good cry together which I think was good for us. He’s a tender hearted kid and he can get me going without much work.

When all was said and done Dad came out with a new lung and last I heard he was doing great. He had a little scare earlier today when his oxygen dropped low, but they put him on his respirator again.

Hopefully all goes well, all prayers are much appreciated!


OpenSUSE 11.0 Release party was awesome!!!

For me the release party started when I went to help get some supplies with Emily. We made our way over to novell and found our way to Novell’s building A which is the Open Source Technology Center, which in itself is a pretty awesome place in my opinion. I love the fact that Novell even has that building.

The party kicked off with some awesome door prizes which included the usual swag. Hats, Shirts, posters, and even a laptop back for anyone who wanted one. Nice touch!

Once everyone was settled eating their pizza we began introducing ourselves. Those that contributed to SUSE in one way or another told a little bit about what they did. It was very interesting!

Shortly after there was a drawing for 10 free Sony Readers. I was one of the lucky ones able to walk home with one.

Thank you Novell for letting us have an awesome party on your campus. Thank you Decriptor and Memilyrae for all the hard work you put in organizing everything. And definitely Thank You to SUSE for being so awesome. I’ve been a loyal customer ever since the late 90’s when I realized it was better than RedHat!