The End of Ambition

I have read over and over that the age of 30 and beyond brings with it an end to all of those silly self-centered dreams. Those lofty goals of becoming a billionaire. I have witnessed it in the behaviors of my peers. They clamp down and tirelessly do the work of someone else’s dream. It’s sad. I’m beyond that age now.

Mathematicians say they are  beyond their prime when they reach into their 30s. They can no longer hold the intricacies of the algorithms in their head to piece them all together.

I see it a lot differently. With age comes wisdom. A view of the world which has been enlightened from years of experience. Instead of fewer opportunities I see more and more everyday. A chance to create something for myself. Programmers call it “scratching an itch”. Not for the chance to become that wealthy entrepreneur who doesn’t need to worry about money anymore but for a chance to make something. To share something. To leave a legacy.

Sure… I am at the end of my ambition. Statistically I will produce less testosterone each year and theoretically that will make me more timid. Less bold. Less likely to build something amazing.

But I feel differently. I feel inspired. I feel a desire to inspire others. Does that make me weird?

Yeah, I’m at the end of ambition but my question is: Which end?

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