Work-at-home Moms need backup

I’m furiously writing this blog post out of rage for which I am partly guilty and I would like to write these words out of penance and as a call to action. Our society continues to place less and less value in the age old art of child-rearing.

Sure we all acknowledge here and there that it is a tough job but does anyone seriously consider the amount of skill it actually takes? You are talking about small humans. Not animals… but higher thinking actual human beings. These creatures all have a mind of their own and will do and say just about anything.

Unfortunately these small people also do not have the rational of an adult and as such they do not add stimulating conversation or provide an adequate level of companionship that most moms need.

In the past week I have witnessed my poor wife being left out of conversation and even completely ignored due to a lack of value in the work that she does. Honestly let me say that she does far more than simply stimulate young minds and keep noses (and bottoms) clean. She also is an amazing personal assistant, financier and chauffeur. All of which I couldn’t even afford on an individual basis if I hired it out let alone together and at the quality for which she does each.

I now confess that even I am guilty of spending far too much time concentrating on my personal projects trying to push each one forward and you know what? She has been behind me every step of the way pushing me, encouraging me and even helping me (oh yeah did I mention she studied my area of work in school and is as good as any out there? I guess thats some added value as well.)

My desire is that this message will reach enough people and that those same people will understand fully what I’m asking here. These Work-at-home ladies need a tremendous amount of support. Who else is going to stand for them? The whole world is pushing women to be selfish. What about these fearless ones who are brave enough to go through child birth (or take on the responsibility of caring for one who needs caring) and do it alone. While the rest of the world keeps moving.

I will close this post by just asking, if anyone out there can think of some way to help these amazing women feel valued. Please comment or message me. Please help by doing one of these things to a working (at home) mom in your life. Also please forgive any grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors in this text because I wrote it as a rough draft and I’m not going to take further time from my amazing wife to proof read it! Thanks!