Life is too short

Sara and I have been realizing that life is passing us by far too quickly. I have had jobs at 2 companies (maybe 3) since the last time I posted. Caleb is now 8 years old, Ciara is 4 and Curtis was born sometime in there. It just seems that the more we pack into our lives the faster it seems to go without any hope of unpacking it.

Ciara is going to be starting Kindergarten next year, she is currently enrolled in pre-school and Cheer. Caleb is in CrossFit preparing for football and Sara is doing a great job keeping up.

I have been busy building several web applications. I developed a web framework that wraps any modular ORM which means they are interchangeable and I have used it to wrap PHP ActiveRecord. I like to keep the logic on the Server relatively simple to the point where it primarily checks for permissions and retrieves data. By doing this I have the ability to build Web Applications or even Mobile Applications around the API. I’m lovingly calling the Framework “Torch” or “The Torch Framework” after all of my fire-themed services.

I have recently toyed with the idea of simply releasing my Torch Framework to the open source community to see if anyone uses it. The trouble is that there are so many frameworks available and mine is so ultra-simplistic that any developer picking it up would need to do a bunch of work to hook in the ORM and then a bunch of work to build the Controllers… then following that use a Web MWC like AngularJS to actually build the Web App to communicate with the back-end.

Still. Its so simple that I think it would appeal to most developers because good developers like to do things on their own anyway, and Torch simply gives them a very barebones framework.

I’m thinking about starting a section of my blog for code ideas sort of as a repository for my thoughts. Not only would it give me a place to read my crazy ideas in 6 months after I think of them and realize how crazy I am but I could also get feedback from the trolls out there.

Anyway, my hope is that this will be the first of a flurry of Blog posts now that Sara is working on a project of her own!