Mozy supporting Utah and You

A question that I get asked a lot when I go to fix someones computer is: “Whats the best way to back up my data.” This usually isn’t a question that is asked when everything is working fine, but when something breaks one begins to worry about data loss. No one wants to lose their work!

Mozy is a Utah based company that has a great solution to that problem. They offer accounts for free for under 2 GB of data. If you need more it’s a small $4.95 per month for UNLIMITED amount of space. Maybe this sounds like a commercial, but it seriously will save you a huge head ache if anything ever happens to your machine…and things usually do happen to machines.

Why else would you want to be a customer of Mozy? They give back to the community. This summer Mozy was one of the main sponsors for the Utah Open Source Conference. I love everything Open Source so the fact that Mozy would chip in makes them an awesome choice in my book.

In short, get some assurity, Get Mozy!

2 thoughts on “Mozy supporting Utah and You”

  1. THANK YOU BEN! I have Windows Live One Care (from Quest), but every time it says to back things up, it takes about 15 disks. Someone suggested that I should get a thumb drive to back stuff up. But I have a LOT of stuff (my online medical transcription school stuff, etc). So I just checked out Mozy. I think that it’s great. It won’t open up all my info. to anyone looking will it – – since I have a lot of medical, personal stuff for others on my computer????? Thanks again.

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