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AI Presentation at UTOSC was a flop

I guess I should have expected it, since it was my first presentation, but I really blew it. Note to self, when creating a presentation leave the details out. My presentation was supposed to be on the future of  Artificial Intelligence but I got caught up in current artificial intelligence. On member of the audience actually raised his hand to ask me what I was talking about…. 🙁

2008 UTOSC AI Presentation Agenda

  1. Brief Introduction with segway into presentation

  • Include description of what the presentation will be

  1. Types of AI, and Best Fit discussion

    1. State Machines and Basic Logic

    2. Learning Algorithms

  2. Examples of State Machines and their use.

  3. Examples of Learning Algorithms and their use

  4. Discussion on features

  5. Examples and Questions

Please feel free to leave comments on how I might improve this agenda.

Also if you have a chance feel free to stop by my presentation web site.

Thank You!