The Emperor’s new Lungs

Well…Monday after work Aaron and I ran up to Heber to grab Jake and we all went down to the University Hospital in Salt Lake. Dad had received a call earlier in the morning saying that they had a possible match for his lungs and he needed to be ready for Surgery. Poor Dad didn’t have an opportunity to eat all day.

In the morning he eat a banana and ran off to go to his exercise, right afterward came the big call. He spent all day waiting, and they didn’t want him to eat before he got surgery but they also didn’t know when the surgery would be…so he just didn’t get to eat all day.

All the Boy’s and Kasie our fearless leader met up at the hospital and talked with Dad for a few hours before he went in. Then was the long wait to find out the outcome. We tried to have fun but most of us were nervous. Jake and I had a good cry together which I think was good for us. He’s a tender hearted kid and he can get me going without much work.

When all was said and done Dad came out with a new lung and last I heard he was doing great. He had a little scare earlier today when his oxygen dropped low, but they put him on his respirator again.

Hopefully all goes well, all prayers are much appreciated!


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  1. Hey Ben! I was so glad to hear your dad had a match! We’re praying for a full and speedy recovery. Just remember to have faith and put your trust in the Lord. We’re here for you no matter what/when! Call us at any time if you need ANYTHING! Love ya!

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